Are the parents of Allahs Messenger in Jannah?

Some people believe that the parents of The Messenger s.a.w.s are in Jannah (paradise).

This is a big mistake.

It’s obligatory to believe that parents of the Messenger s.a.w.s died as polytheists. Some would maybe say: “How could they know of anything other, they died before the Messenger s.a.w.s and between him and Isa a.s. there was a span of 600 years”.

The answer is, they should have been on the Millatu Ibrahim (Ibrahims believe, way).

The majority of the Arabs used to follow the believe of Ismail a.s. who called to the believe of his father Ibrahim a.s. They believed in the One and Only God, and uttered Gods religion.

The last for the time, untill they forgot the commandments and prohibitations of Allah.

Despite the growing decline in idoltary, there always was a supreme God-Allah, to whom the adressed in hard times. Some islamic rites of Hajj they performed, untill Amr bin Luhaya came to power. He was the leader of the tribe Huzaa.

He grew up in a pious environment whom respected Gods boundaries. He excelled himself with sincerity and piety, so people started to like him.

He travelled to Sham to visit the territory, where the majority of the Messengers were, and where the majority of the revelations were.

There he saw that the residents were worshipping statues, he liked it and believed that they were in right.

He came back from Sham carrying a statue called Hubel, and set it inside the Ka’ba. Then he called the people of Mekka in polytheism. They responded to that, because they repected Amr bin Lahay, so they thought that this was good what he called them to.

In a short period the people of the whole Hijaz started to follow the people of Mekka. They are the owners of the Ka’ba and the residents of the Haram.

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