The origin of the Arabs

The historians have devided the Arabs in three group, after their lineages and they’re:

  1. The ancient Arabs: That’re the tribes: Ad, Thamud, Amelics, Tasm, Jedis, Umeym, Jurhum and Khadramawt. These Araps disappeared before the occurrence of Islam, and every trace of them disappeared. They had kings, who’s power stretched from Sham till Egypt.
  2. Purebred Arabs: They’re Arabs who originate from a man by the name Ya’rub bin Yesjub bin Kuhtan. They’re called The Arabs of Kuhtan, they’re also known as The Southern Arabs. They belong to the kings of Yemen, Saba and the tribe Himyer.
  3. The Adnan Arabs: They got this name according to Adnan, who originate from the linage of Ismail the son of Ibrahim a.s. They’re known as the not purebred Arabs, because their blood got mixed with non arab blood, and arabic is their langunage.

These Arabs are also called the Northern Arabs. Their ancestral home is Mekka, and to them belong: Ismail a.s., his sons, a part of the tribe Jurhum, who are the inlaws of Ismail a.s. whom he learned arabic from and nurtured his kids to be Arabs like them.

The most significant descendant of Ismail a.s. is Adnan, the ancestor of Muhammed s.a.w.s. All arab tribes originate from Adnan.

Adnan had two sons, the one was called Mea’dd and the other Nizar. Nizar had also two sons; Mudar and Rabi’a. The descendants of Rabi’a settled in the east. The tribe Abdul Qays settled Bahreyn, Hanifa Yemama, Banu Bakr bin Wail settled from Bahreyn to Jamama. The tribe Taglib passed Eufrat and settled between Eufrat and Tigris, and Tamim settled the dessert of Basra.

According to the tribes whom arose from Mudar: the tribe Salim settled nearby Medina, Sakif settled by Taif, Hawazin eastern from Mekka, Asad eastern from Tayma and western from Kufa. Zubyan and Abs settled the territory from Tayma till Hawran.

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